Lacan in Costa Rica. Página Literal #1. (Costa Rica, 2003)

It must be said from the beginning, Lacan never stood in Costa Rica. It is still a duty to deliberate how his teaching was received in Costa Rican land. This paper does not pretend to make a traditional form of history (the facts engaged in an explanatory causality) but to throw certain hints to read something about the psychoanalytic history in Costa Rica. It is a retrospective glance over the multiple mythologies that origin around Lacan, around his work and transmission. Far from a homogenic start, psychoanalysis in Costa Rica emerges from a multiplicity of potencies that involve movements outside and within the country. Which Lacan was received? What constitutes contemporary psychoanalysis? What to do with the fact that no Costa Rican was part of the École freudienne de Paris (dissolved in 1983) or analysand of Lacan within that period? Therefore, by investigating the background of the firsts contacts in and outside the continent, the milestones and their subsequent fall, their split-off and becoming this work puts several pieces in place to re-visit that weave of consequences that was and is Lacan, in Costa Rica.

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