Claroscuro #4. (2016)

The question for the body, of the analyst, the analyzer, of the Moses of Micheal Angelo, of the Other, orbits -since its origin in Freud- around psychoanalytic history. Side by side with Mayette Viltard and Suzanne Hommels we sail on the cuestion, How does Lacan-analyst touches the body? Both of these testimonies, or those narratives that attempt to speak that «something» that was marked by their journey through the divan, allow for criticism of the Great Myth of the Lacan-analyst in favor of another scene. The scene of a micro-history of the gesture, of the interpretation, opens a chance to inscribe in the body an opening that can later be read with words. In this space, skin is far from an epidermal conception, it becomes a topological object of writing. That print or scar indicates the burning of a erotic act of psychoanalisys labor (define by Lacan as: the breakout of shame), where love, sex and death have there place.

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