María la Noche, Transposed worlds. Página Literal #3-4. (Costa Rica, 2005).

There are books which take a long time to arrive at their origin (if they have one), books which need a journey to land correctly. This was the scene of the novel María la Noche by Anacristina Rossi to get to Costa Rica. This arrival comes with a joyful celebration and an opportunity of reading. Carrying in that watchful eye an encounter between two continental masses, between “two sexes’ “, between desire and love. What better than literature to stage some psychoanalytic topics? Speaking of about opacity of sex, of incompleteness, of translation, of objects (and their erratic masculine and feminine dichotomy), of the wondering and alive sign, or the complex game of naming the unnamable. Thus I, the writer of this comment, as a warned translator, bets to make from this suffering, of this impossibility and experience, a dialogue between two praxis that frequently encounter themselves and disagree: literature and psychoanalysis.

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