Página Literal#7. (Costa Rica, 2007). In regard to Leo Bersani’s visit to Costa Rica in 2006.

One of the most innovative concepts created by psychoanalysis is simultaneously one of the most elusive and resistant concepts against the statues of power and knowledge of each period: sexuality. Sexuality is ineffable. That’s why Leo Bersani makes the Freudian theoretical body a framework destined to failure, if totalization is pretended. This Freudian failure, of doubt and never ending correction, is cause for celebration and an opportunity of reading. Thus, the sight is set on the margins, as well as in its literal: footnotes, fissures, paradoxes, contradictions and even images of his letters are the ground to read Three essays of Sexual Theory (Commonly cited as “about” Sexual Theory, consequences of its passage to Spanish) as a work of art. Such aestheticization of the Freudian corpus of theory is a starting point to debunk the psychoanalysis which partakes in legitimizing the binomial normal/abnormal or any heterosexual binary, and to fuel this flaming new conception of sexuality crafted by the praxis and work of Sigmund Freud.

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