Notes on Jean Allouch seminar: The sex of the Master. The misunderstanding of the reading of Kant with Sade. Página Literal Magazine #0. (Costa Rica, 2001).

Do we read gleams of glory in repeating ideas of things that are unknown, and still speak of? Kant with Sade poses various problems that penetrate our pride as readers. This article is based on the notes of a seminar (oral transmission) given by Jean Allouch in Mexico (2001), who poses questions which interrogate the position: of the reader, the “student” in psychoanalysis -more precisely in Latin America, of school and its doing, and lastly, the position of the seminar itself. Beginning on the double failure of Kant with Sade (its non-reading and no publication) Jean Allouch, raises the question on what is the position taken by receptors of a work that was made on the analytic space, and a bet on orality (Lacan’s work). How to take a position as readers? How to think critically about a work? Or is it that we can only think of ourselves as passive readers?! Here, by a reading at the letter, it’s pretended to confront that long going paraphrase that insists on making Lacan works an a priori answer. Furthermore, this paper rescues the seminar as a device under which an investigation gets reviewed before becoming a text. This by entering in dialogue with others, who play a third-party function. This is to say, expose itself to that interlocution that makes at last this event a school.

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