The passage to Spanish, of the commentary by Jacques Lacan to the Dick case of Melanie Klein. Página Literal #5-6

The trace of Jacques Lacan is not exempt of misunderstandings, family plots, exercises of power and an unbearable ambiguity in regards to the legitimacy of what is known as his “work”. Lacan conveys from his Seminar (various lectures), this to say, from an oral dimension that later will turn into texts and after some events -his death and his testament- into “official” versions. These so-called “official versions” -established by J.A. Miller- are the ones that try to cross the language barrier into Spanish. The author of this paper, along with the sociologist Nora Garita (co-author), takes distance from this “official reading”, in order to make a critical reading where the power exercised by familiar “canon” is questioned, aiming for omissions, synthesis, lapsus, doubts, dialogues and censorship veiling a Lacan whose theoretical construction is constantly stalked by questions and is thus understood to be a work in progress. This paper points three dimensions of the Dick case: A) The transition of the seminars into a unique version, B) Particular problems of the passage to Spanish, and C) When the passage has significant theoretical consequences. Here a review of the commentary takes place, and the details of the consequences that occur when a reading is not made to the letter.

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